Rules & Ethics

Our program starts off with high accountability.
We've found that this works best.

Our three-tier program was developed by the owners and we believe that it is a program that works best for the residents. Our program starts off with the accountability tuned to high. As residents complete tasks like regular meeting attendance, chore completion, and continually meeting with their sponsor, they are given more leeway. Over the past few years, we have found that this works best. 

Tier 1, First 2 weeks of residency:

  • Curfew: Weekdays 10 PM, Weekends 11 PM. 

  • Must be out actively looking for and gaining employment.

  • Must gain a sponsor and a homegroup.

  • Must make at least 1 meeting daily.

If all of the above is completed during first 2 weeks, residents move on to Tier 2:

  • Curfew: Weekdays 11 PM, Weekends 12 AM.

  • Must maintain sponsor & homegroup, gain service commitment at their homegroup.

  • Required to make at least 5 meetings per week.

  • Eligible for curfew extensions.

If residents maintain all of the requirements for Tier 2 for 30 days, they may move to Tier 3:

  • Curfew: Same as Tier 2, but still eligible for curfew extensions upon request to house manager.

  • Must maintain sponsor & homegroup w/ service commitment, possibly/hopefully sponsoring other newcomers.

  • Required to make at least 3 meetings per week.

  • Eligible for overnight passes

House Rules:

  • No drinking or drugging while living in our sober living homes. This includes the property, in the house, or anywhere else. This also includes vacations, trips home to visit family, etc. 

  • All residents must inform their house manager of any and all prescription medications and must take their medications as prescribed. Each resident gives full permission to their house manager to check and/or count out their medications at any point in time. No narcotic medications allowed, even if prescribed. Absolutely no self-medicating or adjusting your medicine without doctor approval.

  •  All residents must submit to random UA and BA testing. Residents will have one hour to submit a UA, a failure to provide a UA within that hour is considered a positive result.

  • If unemployed, residents may not be in the house from 10 AM to 2 PM. During this time resident is expected to be out applying for jobs, working on own recovery, enrolled and attending school, etc. Something to better themselves. 

  • Our houses have a zero-tolerance policy for stealing. 

  • No borrowing money from other residents.

  • No verbal, physical, or emotional abuse of other residents. Threatening, intimidating, bullying will not be tolerated. Please treat your fellow housemates and neighbors with the utmost respect. 

  • No weapons in the house or on the property; ever. 

  • If you purposefully cause any damage to the house, land, anything inside the house including and not limited to things owned by Genesis House and other residents, you will be responsible to fix or replace said damaged property. 

  • No opposite sex in the house or on the property. This includes the yard and driveway. If you are of the LGBT community, then no same sex in the house. 

  • Curfew must be abided by. If you would like to stay out past your curfew this must be approved by the house manager or senior resident. 

  • No guests after 9 PM. Your sponsor is not considered a guest and may come at any time. Guests are permitted in the common area and guest bathrooms. At no time should any guest be permitted in bedrooms.

  • If a member of the opposite sex is picking you up to go somewhere, there is no hanging out in the car in the driveway or street in front of the house. Residents are not to loiter in driveway, yard, or street. 

  • Assigned daily chores must be completed daily. Weekly chores will start when assigned by the house manager or senior resident. 

  • Dishes must be washed and the kitchen cleaned up immediately after use. No exceptions.

  • No eating or storing food in the bedrooms.

  • No smoking/loitering in the front of the house, front yard, or driveway. Be respectful to all neighbors. 

  • 10 PM weekdays- Lights out and TV off if roommate requests. Please be respectful and lower your voice at this time.

  • Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Respect the property.

  • All monies, including advance rent, is non-refundable. 

Please report any grievances to the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) at their website:
We hold ourselves to the highest standards.
Below is the Code of Ethics from FARR. 
FARR code of ethics 2.PNG
FARR code of ethics 1.PNG